We're preparing to announce the production of our first title

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We've been working in the shadow of big studios for years, mainly working on Artificial Intelligence components through our Majorspot AI SDK open-source library of algorithms. 2017 marks a new beginning as we take a giant leap forward to launch our own title and producing it from beginning to end.

We are preparing everything to announce the production of what we believe will be a landmark in the real-time strategy video game industry. Why aren't we just giving out all the details today? Because we're busy prototyping, verifying theories and experimenting. This is the price to pay in order to change things in a meaningful way and we're committed to this goal. This is going to be huge.

Many ask why we took out our old web site while we're working on this. It's simple. You already know we throw ourselves 100% into our efforts. So if we're taking this leap, all hands need to be on deck and dedicated to the new challenge. This is just who we are.

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